Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Increase Your Luck - Script the End Result

I'm a true believer in the power of scripting when it comes to manifesting my lucky life.

I've written before about what a great tool scripting is but I recently had more evidence of the true power of this great manifesting process.

Scripting is like placing your order with the Universe.

For those of you who have never used scripting, here is how I define scripting.

Scripting is when you write out what it is you want to happen, how you want it to look, and especially how you want to feel, or expect to feel,  before it happens, as if it has already happened.

I was rearranging my books the other day when a paper fell out of one, and I stopped to read it.

It was two separate events that I had scripted in 2014. I had scripted both events in detail.  What actions I had taken, then end results that I wanted, and how good that felt, and I gave thanks. 

Both events, had turned out exactly as I had scripted them, in every detail. Amazing, right?

Here's what really amazed me.

Both of these events were an annual occurrence and were set to happen again in 2015, and they did.  

Only this year, (2015), even though I scripted them, I didn't have time to write out in detail, all of the details.  I didn't take time to write out all the actions I had taken.  

All I had scripted were the end results that I wanted, and how wonderful that felt, and I gave thanks.

No juicy details.  Just the end result.

The end result?

I got exactly what I wanted, it happened much faster, easier, and in a way I would not have imagined, and I hardly took any action at all.

This made me realize, we are so powerful as deliberate creators, we can script in all the details, the efforting, the action steps, the people, in other words, all the how's that we think we need, when in fact, all we need to script is the end result desired, as if it has already happened.

Let the Universe figure out the how's.

Obviously the Universe can deliver it faster, easier, and in ways we can't even think of.

Here's my tip for Increasing your manifesting luck - Skip the details, go straight to the end result whether it's imagining or scripting.

Until next time,

Here's to your Lucky Life!

Lucky Lady Kathleen

It's Law of Attraction for your Lucky Life! 


Noa said...


I had some similar experience with writing a letter to myself, phrasing it as though the thing I wanted to manifest had already happenned, it was a very detailed letter (much like your script), but the result was 50%-50%, only 50% of the things actually took place.

I was wondering if you have ever experienced that with your scripting technique? Would love to figure out what happenned there, there was no pattern in what did manifest (vs. what didn't)...

Lucky Lady said...

Thanks for your comment NOA. Yes, and I think it all depends on how clear I am about it, including the details, and how good that feels. Like I said in this post, about these two experiences, I left out all the details and went straight to the end result of what I wanted to happen and how I wanted to feel and just left out all the details and it turned out even better than the same two experiences the year before when I had included all the details.