Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Evidence of a Lucky Life! Part 2

I've been busy, having a lot of fun, following my joy, and playing at feeling good.

So I thought it was time to post more evidence to support my belief that I live a lucky life.

We can all find evidence for an unlucky life or a lucky life. It's up to us what we focus on.  We get to choose.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever I am giving attention to and putting my focus on is what I will attract more of. I don't know about you but I prefer lucky.

My life isn't perfect and I could easily make you a list of all the things that appear to be going "wrong" but I choose to find the good.

So here's my evidence log from the past few weeks of things I call lucky, in random order.

  • Savoring a slice of delicious, freshly baked banana bread for breakfast
  • Enjoying my roses  
  • Skyping with my daughter
  • Enjoying a Fun with Visualization call 
  • Delicious homemade (by my Sweetie), dinners
  • Getting front row tickets to a sold out John Mellencamp concert for $82 total, an hour before the show 
  • Being my own boss
  • Losing 3 pounds
  • Long walks in the sunshine with my Sweetie
  • Law of Attraction coaching sessions 
  • Playing drums onstage for a blues jam band
  • Receiving extra easy money showing up out of the blue
  • Early morning runs 
  • Adding a magical genie lamp charm to my bracelet
  • Watching episodes of Laverne & Shirley and laughing with my Sweetie

And the list could go on and on.  

If I can offer one of the most important tips for creating your own Lucky Life, it would be to notice and appreciate all the "lucky" evidence in your life and the Universe will respond with even more.

Until next time,
Here's to your Lucky Life!
Lucky Lady Kathleen

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!