Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Down on Your Luck?

Sometimes it feels like things are just not manifesting the way we think they should, or in some cases we are getting the opposite of what we wanted, and when that happens we can start to feel like we are "down on our luck".

I've certainly been there, how about you?

It can be disappointing and frustrating to say the least, and feeling frustrated and disappointed only leads to more disappointment and frustration.  What a vicious cycle.

Well here are some of my tips for getting back into alignment with what we do want, and into a better feeling place.
  • Reevaluate your goal.  Is it still what we want? Sometimes our goals and desires change but we are afraid to let go of old dreams and change course.
Remember the first step to manifesting your heart's desire is to know what you truly want, why you want it, and how you expect to feel when you get it.
  • Take a moment to reflect and see if there is any reason why you wouldn't want your desire to show up right now.
Sometimes we have thoughts and fears that we aren't aware of that block our desire from manifesting.
  • Practice some more of "getting into the feeling" of having what you want.
This can be as easy as closing your eyes, pretending you already have it, and hearing others congratulate you on it.  Look for other areas of your life where you already have the feeling.
  • Relax and let go of the outcome, occupy your mind with something else and enjoy the now.
This can be easier said than done but here are some ways I do it.
  • Get outdoors and go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride.  Notice the beauty and abundance of nature.
  • Play a board game with your partner or kids. I always feel like a kid again every time I play Monopoly, Life, or Clue. How can you focus on anything else while playing Operation?
  • Take a long luxurious bath while listening to your favorite music.
  • Get a massage or Reiki
  • Bake a batch of cookies or cake and celebrate in advance. 

Practice gratitude.  Count your blessings.  Make a list of everything you are thankful for and everything that is going right.

And last but not least, remember that facts can change, and each moment is filled with Infinite possibilities. 

If you can imagine it, and keep the faith, it can happen.

People get "Lucky" every day.

Until next time, 

Love and Luck.
Lucky Lady 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good Luck for a Buck!

The other day in my comic shop, I had a young boy, I'd say he was about 11 or 12, come in and admitted he had no money but wanted to look at the new "Death of Wolverine" comics. I pointed them out to him and then went on taking care of business. 

A few minutes later his dad popped his head in the door and said, "let's go son".
The boy begged his dad to let him stay just a few minutes longer so he could look at the comics, but dad wasn't having it.

I could tell he really wanted to read them, so on the spur of the moment I picked up the two comics and handed them to him and said. "Here you go, today's your lucky day, they're my gift to you, enjoy!"

His face lit up and he grinned from ear to ear. He was thrilled. All the way to the door he kept turning and saying, "thank you".

After he left, I must say that I was smiling too. I had just given someone a "lucky" day and that felt good.

A few weeks ago, my Sweetie was in a hurry and decided to run through the drive thru and grab a coffee and a burger on the go. He said the young lady waiting on him seemed so genuinely nice and had such a nice smile, that when she handed him his change he handed her $5 as a gift.

Sweetie said, "you know, $5 isn't that much money but you'd have thought it was by the way her face lit up, and it made me feel so good.  That's a lot of feeling good for just $5."

When he told me how good it felt for him to make someone's day, I confessed I occasionally leave a dollar bill laying on the table in the post office just so someone will find it and feel "lucky".  

I know that when I find money, I feel lucky.  So, I'm passing on the thrill and it thrills me to know I'm making someone's "lucky" day.

That's a lot of feel good bang for a buck.

I've said it before, we get what we give and when we give it, it's ours.

Want to feel "lucky" today? Make someone else feel lucky.

This can be as easy as leaving coins or a dollar laying somewhere for someone to find. If you don't have any extra cash, leave a note.  

Something like:
  • You are loved.
  • The Angels are with you.
  • Life is good.
  • All is well.
It doesn't matter, just write what comes from your heart.  

You can leave a note anywhere.  It could be inside the front page of the next newspaper on the stack. Inside a magazine in the doctor's waiting room, etc.

I'm sure if you begin looking for ways to make others feel blessed and "lucky", you'll soon be feeling blessed and lucky yourself.

Go ahead, make someone's lucky day!

Write and let me know all about it.  I love hearing good news.

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Attracting a More Profitable Business

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”
―Henry Ford

A couple nights ago I was sitting at my Sweetie's table while he was preparing us a delicious dinner, when he casually asked how sales at the shop had been this week.  

I replied they had been a little lower than I was shooting for, and he asked, "why do you think that is?". 

I started giving him all the "reasons", such as: 
  • October is traditionally a slow month
  • It's been raining all week
  • It's the time of the month
  • It's football season
  • It's an election year
  • Blah, blah, blah.  
It wasn't until the next morning when I was setting my intentions for the day and what I would like to create, that I recalled all those "reasons" and had a sudden "aha" moment.  

What the heck?  Those aren't reasons, those are limiting beliefs! Limiting beliefs that form the mold of what I can create. Beliefs that could keep me from being in alignment with my most profitable October ever.

Is there any less money in circulation in October than other months? No! In fact, if you've ever been to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing office in D.C. you can watch them printing more almost every day.

Do I have less merchandise to sell in October? No! I have as much as ever.  (I joke that my inventory miraculously multiplies at night when I am not looking.)

Are there less customers on the planet than there were last month? No!  More people are born every day. 

And here is the clincher...Is this power that I have to deliberately create limited by time, the weather, politics, or anything else?  Absolutely NOT!

I think it was Ernest Holmes who said, "This power is not just any power, it is all power". 

So right then and there I eliminated those limiting beliefs and chose to exercise my power to create. 

As I was aligning with my best October ever and a more profitable business than ever before,  I created a profitable business vibration activation.  

It just takes a couple minutes to read through it and it gets my feeling good about my profitable business vibes flowing.  

If you have a business of your own, or desire one, and whether you offer merchandise or services, may it align you with your profitable business.

Here it is:
"My Profitable Business"
Vibration Activation 

I am loving my thriving, successful, ever expanding, enjoyable, highly profitable business that is so easy and effortless to own and operate.

I love being my own boss. Being my own boss feels really good.  I feel so lucky to own my own business.  I am lucky to be my own boss. 

I feel so prosperous and successful.  I am prosperous. I am successful.

How am I so lucky to own and operate such a successful, profitable business?

I love seeing my cash flow and my profits increasing!

I have thousands and thousands of ideal customers and clients from all around the world and I love that!

I love that I am attracting and aligning with new customers and clients every day!

I love the way my ideal customers and clients are attracted to me and my business so easily and effortlessly.

All of my customers and clients love doing business with me and the feeling is mutual. 
I love my customers and clients!  Wow, I feel so lucky!

I love that all of my customers and clients have plenty of money to spend on my products and services and they do spend it lavishly at my business.

I love how loyal my customers and clients are to me and my business and it thrills me when they praise me and pay me.

I offer valuable products and services and my customers and clients love and appreciate that value.

It feels so good to be valued and appreciated.  I love that.  I feel so valuable.  I feel so appreciated and loved.  I am appreciated and loved.

I love the way my customers and clients send me so many referrals. They just keep coming and coming.

I love and enjoy being recognized as the authority, the expert, in my field and I have an excellent reputation.

I love, love, love, how easy and fun it is to own and operate my business.

I love the way the sales and the profits just keep coming in. 

I love, love, love, counting up all of the money and profits I make every day, every week, every month, and every year!

I love that I and my business are more profitable every day! I love that. 

I am amazed at how quickly my sales and profits are increasing.

I love all the ideas and inspiration I get for new products and services. Wow, I feel so inspired! 

I feel so prosperous and abundant.  I feel so successful.  I am prosperous.  I am abundant. I am successful.

I love knowing my business is an outstanding, exceptional, extraordinary, success, financially, creatively, and in all ways.

I am open to being and receiving even more profits and success.

I am open to being and receiving an even more profitable and successful business.

I feel so lucky. I am lucky. Thank you, Universe!

So it is!

Let me know how it goes. 
Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Evidence of a Lucky Life!

Each day I look for evidence to support my belief that I live a lucky life.

We can all find evidence for an unlucky life or a lucky life. It's up to us what we focus on.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever I am giving attention to and putting my focus on is what I will attract more of. I don't know about you but I prefer lucky.

My life isn't perfect and I could easily make you a list of all the things that appear to be going "wrong" but I choose to find the good.

So here's my evidence log from the past week in random order. 

  • Morning runs in the crisp autumn air.
  • Sunshine, blue skies and mild temperatures.
  • Received a surprise check in the mail for $168
  • Riding my "new" vintage 5-speed I got for $14.99 at Goodwill this week.
    My first 5-speed, I love it!
  • Doubled my email list in September
  • Powerful healing Reiki session
  • Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches made by my Sweetie.
  • Awesome sales at my shop
  • Great Sun Ra Arkestra concert
    Marshall Allen (L)
  • Receiving extra free inventory in my shipment, to sell, and told to keep it.
  • Fun dates with my Sweetie!
    I think we make a cute couple!
  • Driving a brand new car with free Sirius XM radio!
  • Having all my bills current.
  • Pumpkin cream cheese muffins and coffee.
  • My wonderful daughter  
And the list could go on! I do live a "lucky" life.

So what's your evidence?  I'd love to hear it.

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!