Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Increase Your Luck by Doing things you Love

You may have noticed I talk a lot about finding ways to increase your luck and finding ways to feel good now, and one of the easiest ways we can do both is spending some time each day doing things we love and enjoy doing.

We can get so caught up in our every day routine, taking care of the kids, our pets, going to work, etc., that most of us don't actually do very much each day that we really enjoy doing. This can have the opposite effect and leave us feeling tired, cranky, stressed, unfulfilled, and unhappy.  Definitely not living what I call a Lucky Life.

When you are doing something you love or enjoy, it makes you feel good now.  You aren't busy worrying about the future or fretting over the past. You are in the present. You are simply feeling good, now.

The other day I was given a "create your ideal day" session from a fellow coach and before doing the session I decided to make a list of at least 50 things I love and enjoy doing. Things I would do on my ideal day.
As I began making my list, I realized a lot of the things that made me the happiest, didn't cost anything or depend on anyone else's participation. As a matter of fact, I was already being and doing things that made me happy every day. There were things on my list that could be done in just a few minutes, others took more time and planning.

Some of the things on my list were:
  • Watching a Sunrise or Sunset
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Scrapbooking
  • Listening to music (particularly Christmas music)
  • Sitting in the sand at the beach
  • Being with my Sweetie
  • Traveling
  • Being my own boss
  • Going to concerts
  • Looking at vintage magazines and catalogs
  • Spending time with my daughter
  • Riding my bicycle
  • Watching old movies
  • Baking
  • Playing the drums
  • Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee
  • Browsing antique shops
  • Anything to do with Law of Attraction and our power to create.
Just to name a few.  

I noticed that while I was making the list that just thinking about the things I loved and enjoyed doing, and imagining myself doing them, felt good.  It reminded me that I am lucky, I do lead a lucky life now, and it's up to me to imagine it, choose it, and intend it. 

Want to Increase Your Luck and feel good now? I highly recommend taking a few minutes to create your own list of things you love and enjoy doing. Imagine it.  What would you be doing if you were already living your own lucky life. Then DO THEM. Begin living and being now as if it were already true and if you persist, it will be. Next thing you know they'll be calling you Lucky.

Until next time,

Here's to your Lucky Life,
Lucky Lady 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Increase Your Luck with Your Imagination.

"There is only one substance.  This substance is consciousness.  It is your imagination which forms this substance into concepts, which concepts are then manifested as conditions, circumstances, and physical objects.  Thus imagination made your world."

Neville Goddard

Visualizing, or imagining, as Neville calls it, has to be one of my absolute favorite manifesting tools.

Everything ever invented or created, started as an image in someone's mind.

If you are really serious about increasing your luck and manifesting your desires, visualizing, or imagining, is the secret.

It's easy, can pretty much be done anywhere, anytime, and doesn't really require a lot of time.  68 seconds of purely focused thought is powerful enough to begin manifesting whatever you are imagining.

I've deliberately used visualization to manifest things like blue rocks and Mad magazines, and I've used it to manifest being "paid up in full".

Quite a few years ago, due to a series of what some would call "bad" luck, I found myself over $4400. behind in rent payments.  No matter what action I took to get paid up to date, from scrimping and saving, to finding ways to make extra money, nothing helped.  I was suddenly reminded that our "thoughts become things" as Mike Dooley says, and I decided to use my imagination to visualize being paid up in full.

Every evening when I got home, I would lay down on my sofa, close my eyes, and imagine telling my Sweetie, "all of my rent is now paid up in full!".  I would feel the relief, excitement, and satisfaction of knowing it was true, and I would imagine his excitement and congratulations.

I never gave any thought to how this would happen, I went straight to the end result, to the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

I did this for about 7 or 8 minutes every evening.  If during the day the thought of being past due came to my mind, I immediately switched my thoughts to the congratulations from Sweetie and went on about my day.

Suddenly, one month later, a man walks up to me, and introduces himself as my new landlord, hands me a paper and tells me that starting the next month, this is where to send my rent.

The previous landlord had lost track of all the records, and in that moment, all of my past due rent was wiped off the slate and I was PAID UP IN FULL, and I have been ever since.

What a relief!  It felt even better than I had imagined it, and it happened in a way I would never have imagined.  

It didn't take any force, struggle, or effort. Just the deliberate use of our great power to create with our imagination.

The truth is, we are using our imagining powers all the time. So why not deliberately use your imagining power to manifest what you desire and increase your luck.

Until next time,

Love and Luck to you.
Lucky Lady 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Your Lucky Life

As a Lucky Life coach, it is always my intention to inspire and encourage individuals to deliberately create their own lucky life.

In my adventurous journey to create my own lucky life, and I am known as a lucky lady, I am happy to share what I have found to be true for me, and that feels good.  If it doesn't feel true, or good to you, find what does because that is the key, doing what feels good, and that is unique to each one of us.

What feels like a lucky life for me, may not feel so lucky to you, and vice versa.

One of the things I know is true is, we make our own luck.  We create our own lucky life.

Whatever you would like to be, do, and have, it's your choice.  It's up to you. How lucky is that?

You are totally free to deliberately create your own lucky life.  I am free to create my lucky life.

My lucky life. I love how it feels to even say the words, my lucky life.

I am lucky.  I am lucky because I know my true power.  The power of my mind, my thoughts, my imagination, and my feelings.  This is my true power.  I am the thinker of my thoughts.  I am free to choose whatever I desire to think, and feel.

This is my power to deliberately create my lucky life.  

If everything that ever will be, already exists, right here and right now, then there is nothing for me to create.  I am just using the power of my mind, my thoughts, my imagination, my words, and my feelings, to attract what already exists to me.  To manifest it into my world, my reality, my lucky life.

I love that!  I love that it doesn't require effort or force.  No pleading, no begging, no bargaining, just deliberately directing my thoughts and my imagination.

What do I want?  What does my lucky life look like?

It's like there is this huge Universal catalog and I get to pick and choose exactly what I want.  If I choose something that doesn't turn out like I thought it would, I am totally free to choose something else.  That feels so good, so empowering, to know I have the power, I am the power, that decides and designs my lucky life.

You are the director, the creator, the power in your life and you get to decide if your life is lucky, or not. 

So, what's it going to be?  Do you want a lucky life?  You hold the key.  You have always held the key.  Your power is right here and right now.  Choose what you desire to be, do, and have in your lucky life.  Your desires already exist.  Imagine it as yours, claim it, take possession of it in your mind and your thoughts.

As Neville Goddard says, "Assume the feeling of the wish already fulfilled. Imagine yourself to be the ideal you, that you dream of and desire to be.  Remain attentive to this imagined state, and as fast as you completely feel that you are already this ideal, it will manifest itself as reality in your world."

Here's to your lucky life!

Until next time,

Love and Luck to you.
Lucky Lady 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!