Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Little Pig

This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went...
"Wee wee wee" all the way home...

"Mother Goose Nursery Rhymne"

On Saturday evening I was getting a foot massage and as I was relaxing and enjoying it I suddenly tried to recall the Mother Goose nursery rhyme "This Little Piggy".  Now I hadn't thought of this poem for a long time, probably since my daughter was small. In fact, it had been so long I couldn't quite recall how it went and it took several minutes of thinking about it to remember it.  Then I never gave it another thought, until Sunday morning.

I rarely watch much television but I do enjoy a show on TLC every now and then called "The Lottery Changed My Life". It's not on at a regular time so I just keep my tv set on that channel and occasionally pop it on to see if it's airing.

So Sunday morning I wake up and wonder if my show is on so I pop on the tv and there is an insurance commercial playing which you may have seen.  It went like this, "Can G**** save you money? Did the little pig squeal "wee wee wee" all the way home?" and showed a pig hanging out the car window squealing. 

I just turned off the tv and laughed!I Love it!

Was this a random coincidence or are our thoughts really creating in every moment?

Lucky Lady


Friday, July 22, 2011

The First Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu
Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)

How about a thousand blog posts begins with the first post?  I have to admit I have wanted to start this blog for over a year and have procrastinated again and again.  Today I am taking the first step.
So the journey begins...

Are you lucky? Do you believe you can change your luck? Would you like to?

In this blog I will be talking about luck, synchronicity, law of attraction, visualization, manifesting, vibration, hypnosis,etc.I am totally fascinated by the power of our minds and our ability to manifest things physical with thought.

I first read that "thoughts are things" and "what you think you become" in the beginning of '99 and I've been fascinated ever since. Is it true? Can you really think a thought and have it manifest?  Can you visualize something and then see or experience it in the physical world? 

In the next 999 steps, I mean posts, I will be writing about my lucky experiences, things I've visualized, thought about, manifested, and the reasons I call myself a lucky lady.

Change your luck, change your life.