Saturday, September 15, 2012

Angel to the Rescue

Have you ever been rescued by an Angel?

Here's my story....

I came out this morning in my usual rush to get to work.  Now I only live about a mile and a half from where I work, so I can usually get to work in about ten minutes.  Usually. 

Now I am not one of those people who leaves the house with an extra half hour to spare in case of any eventualities.  Not me.  I'm the one who rushes out of the house with just enough time to get there if all goes well and usually it does.  Usually.

Today, I rush out of the house, carrying my purse, my lunch bag, my computer case, and my tote bag, with ten minutes to get there. I dash to the car, and you guessed it, my tire was flat as a flitter.

My neighbor happens to be on her porch, and since she doesn't drive, I yell over and ask if the man of the house is around. I am told he is sleeping late. I ask the Universe, "What else is possible?".  I have a friend that lives two blocks away but remember he is out of town.  What else is possible?  I think of calling a taxi, but remember that the taxi company, which was only a block away for half a century, recently closed up shop. What else is possible?  I have ten minutes, so I decide to set off walking. After three blocks of walking, I'm questioning how much I need this tote bag, computer, and lunch bag.

I began to ask again, What else is possible?  I remembered my motto "You have to ASK to GET" so I start looking around for someone to ask for a ride.  A lady comes out of a tanning salon as I walk by and I ask, "Could I possibly get a ride into town?" she dives into her car, locks the doors, guns the engine and takes off.  I'm guessing that's a no. 

Remembering that when you ASK and don't GET you may just be asking the wrong person, I wondered who could I ask next.  I suddenly said out loud, "Angels, I need a ride."  At that exact moment, with the words still hanging in the air, a taxi appears on my left.  The driver has the window down and I ask, "Are you an angel?" he replied, "Yes, I am."

I hop in the taxi, tell him where I am going, and ask "So Angel, do you have a name?"  I was told that my driver, "Angel Kim", had died on the operating table while donating a kidney six years ago and believed, like Clarence, the Angel from "It's a Wonderful Life", that he had earned his wings.

I arrived at my workplace right on time.  Thank you Angels!  How did I get so Lucky?