Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Increase Your Luck with Affirmations

 "We must affirm that we are already that which we hope to be and live as though we were, knowing that our assumption, though false to the outer world, if persisted in, will harden into fact."
I have heard people say that affirmations do not work. 

We are using affirmations every day whether we realize it or not, and they are always working.

Every time we say "I am..." such as "I am unlucky, I am broke, I am overweight, I am sick, I am lonely, I am sad, I am always running late, I am a failure", etc., we are affirming to the Universe and ourselves, exactly what we are and the Universe just sends us more of the same to confirm it.

There is the argument that those affirmations are things we accept as true about ourselves, and therefore that's why they work, and I agree.

Whereas positive affirmations such as "I am lucky, I am successful, I am healthy, I am happy", may not be true and that's why they don't work.

In other words, we must be able to affirm as true, what we desire, in order for it to become true, for us. 

"That which we will not affirm as true of ourselves cannot develop in our life"

Here's a little process I use when an affirmation brings up doubt or resistance, to create affirmations that I can accept as true for me.

Whatever affirmation I am going to begin using, if I affirm it and it brings up resistance, or it doesn't feel good, I ask myself am I willing to be that? Am I willing to be what I am affirming as true? Am I willing to imagine myself in the end result, already being, doing, or having what I desire? If not, then why not?

This helps me become aware of negative beliefs attached to my desire that may be holding me back and work through them.

This also helps me create a new concept of myself, of being what I desire to be because it is our concept of ourselves, what we decide is true for us, that determines our present and our future.

Then I start with the affirmation..."I am willing to be..." and that feels good.

Meanwhile I am spending time each day imagining the end result, assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, imagining myself already being, doing, and having accomplished whatever I desire and that makes it easy to affirm it.

Imagination creates reality, and if you've imagined it, you've gotten the concept of yourself being it, so speak it forth with confidence, "I am ..." .

Increase your luck, with affirmations. 

Until next time,
Here's to your Lucky Life!
Lucky Lady Kathleen

It's Law of Attraction for your Lucky Life!  

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