Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Am I a Loser?

Have you ever known what you wanted, set your intention, gotten into alignment, been feeling like it's a done deal, and then nothing turned out like you wanted?

Well, that happened to me last week.   

It all started a couple months ago when I heard the announcement that Elton John was coming to a town near me.  I instantly wanted to go.  

Elton John studio album released April 1970  


If you've been following my blog, you must realize by now, I love, love, love a good concert.

I have had some really wonderful experiences, such as the Steve Miller Band concert, been backstage to meet Bobby Caldwell, went on board the New Riders tour bus, got to attend the Willie Nelson concert for free, just to name a few.

So, I set my intentions, that I wanted to go, I wanted it to be easy, fun, and affordable.  Of course the local radio station started giving away free tickets but you had to listen between 6 and 10 am.  Getting up at 6 am did not feel like inspired action to me but I did listen from around 8 to 10.  Each time I heard the cue, I dialed, but all I got was the busy signal every day, all the way to Friday which was the last day they were giving away tickets.  I didn't let that shift me out of my alignment.  I just kept thinking, lots can happen. 

On Saturday afternoon, they suddenly announced out of the blue, the 10th caller would win tickets.  Wow, another opportunity just for me.  I started dialing.  Nothing, zero, zip, busy, busy, busy.  

I could just see myself on the front row, watching Elton John play the piano, feeling the vibration of the music, feel my Sweetie's hand in mine as we listened to "Your Song".  There was still three more days before the show, the Universe had plenty of time.

I  decided on Monday I would check the status of available tickets on Ticketmaster.  Unless I wanted to be behind the stage, (a lot different than being backstage), which I did not, or if I wanted to pay a princely sum to be in the nosebleed section, which I did not, it did not look promising. Once again, I chose to remember what I wanted and how it would feel, and trust it would happen. That felt good.

On Monday afternoon, the radio announced that Tuesday morning if you were the 10th caller when you heard two Elton John songs back to back, you would win FRONT ROW SEATS.  I was totally thrilled.  This was it.  The Universe was going to give me exactly what I wanted.  It was a good thing I had gotten the busy signal before. See, it was all working out perfectly.

Once again, I decided not to get up at 6 am. Instead, I felt that I should just tune in whenever I woke up and it would be the right time.  

On Tuesday morning, I turned on my radio somewhere around 9 am, just in time to hear the announcer say be the 10th caller for Elton John tickets.  I started dialing.  Busy again.  The DJ announced the winner. It was A. Miller.  Sound familiar?  A. Miller, the same, the one and only, the guy that won the Las Vegas Trip!

I turned off my radio. As I stood there I wondered. Was the Universe having a laugh at my expense?  This was just too "coincidental" to be a coincidence.  I decided right then and there, the Universe was giving me a sign that I would be seeing Elton John, up close and personal. Just keep the faith.  I decided to go on about my usual morning routine. Setting my intentions for the day, writing in my journal, saying some feel good affirmations, and visualizing before getting ready for the day.

When suddenly I had the urge to turn the radio back on.  The last few notes of Elton John's "Your Song" were fading away, and "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting", came on.  There it was!  The two Elton John songs back to back!  I hadn't missed out on those front row seats after all.  I started dialing, I knew this was it.  

Busy, busy, busy.  The DJ announced, "Kathy, has just won front row seats to see Elton John."  

I couldn't believe it. I didn't win?  Kathy? My name is Kathleen and I have been called Kathy plenty of times. What? First A. Miller, now Kathy?

I must admit for the first few minutes I allowed myself to feel totally disappointed. How could this be? Was I fooling myself about being in alignment? It didn't feel like it.  I was feeling good, but I hadn't won.

Now I could have chosen to be upset, to feel like a loser, declare that life is unfair, the odds are against me, it's all rigged, why did I bother, to feel cheated, make this my new story, etc.

But I am a powerful, deliberate, creator.  I know that in every moment I am either attracting what I want, or pushing it away. 

Here is what Abraham says:

"Deliberate creation is about finding a way to look at what is in a way that pleases you.  It's finding a way to emotionally feel different than your current circumstances seem to dictate."

So, did I lose? Not at all. I choose to believe I am a winner.  I choose to celebrate how close I have gotten so far, and to believe there is another wonderful, magical, concert experience on it's way to me, even now. That it doesn't always show up exactly when we want it to, but it will show up as long as I stay in alignment. That is the Law. I choose to keep the faith and know the Universe knows how to deliver and when to deliver.

When I look at it this way, it pleases me.  It feels good now.  Woohoo!

Love and luck,
Lucky Lady

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today's A Lucky Day!

 Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Jennifer!

 I consider myself very lucky to have you for my daughter.  You have brought so much love and joy to my life from the day you were born.

I admire your courage, your strength, your sense of humor, and most of all your spirit. 

I love you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sign of the Hummingbird

Since Father's Day is coming up soon, I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to mine. 

My father's name is Roland Jackson.  He loved hummingbirds. He had one of those feeders just outside of his window, so he could see them up close.  He once found one trapped inside his van, and he carefully captured it in his hands and set it free.  He marveled at it's tiny size, beauty and strength. 

Roland Jackson

He was born during the depression and had a very hard childhood.  He never knew his father, went to bed many nights hungry, lived in a one room shack with eight brothers and sisters, witnessed his older sister, his best friend and protector, get killed when he was only nine years old, had his face almost burned off at the age of 14, spent several years in reform school as a teenager, endured three years in Moundsville Penitentiary, for a crime he didn't commit, all before the age of 21.

My father turned his life around, a few years after being released from prison, got married, started a family, and owned and operated his own business.

Dad, Mom, my brother and me at J & D Grocery.
My father was a loving man, and would give just about anything he had, to anyone who needed it.  He believed in the power of prayer and would receive calls all hours of the day and night, to come pray for someone who was sick, or down and out.  He spent many weekends going to the jails and prisons, to spread hope, love and prayer with the inmates, or anyone else who might need it.

I, of course, was Daddy's little girl, and loved him very much.

Daddy and me.

He suffered a stroke, and we were told he was passing in February 2006.  I thought my heart would break.

I believe, that even though the physical body may pass on, our spirit is still here.  This gave me the strength I needed to say goodbye.

As my father lay there unconscious, I whispered in his ear, how much I loved him, how blessed I had been to be his daughter, and how proud I was of him.  

I told him that I believed he would still be able to communicate with me after he passed over, and to send me the sign of a hummingbird, as proof.

I wasn't sure if he even heard me or not, but I trusted, that he did.

Three days later we buried my father, and on the way to the cemetery, I looked at the snow covered ground and thought there was no way I would be seeing a hummingbird that day.  I asked him for one anyway.  Dad, if you can still hear me, send me the sign.

A few hours later, my Sweetie, in an effort to comfort me and take my mind off things, suggested we watch something.  

We had been watching the 1970's Kung Fu series starring David Carradine, so we decided to watch our next episode.

      "Never assume that because a man has no eyes, he cannot see."
                                                                                   Master Po

As the show began, the camera zoomed in up close on a hummingbird and just held there.  The camera held there so long, that my Sweetie said, "what's up with the hummingbird?"

It's my Dad! I exclaimed, and started to cry.  He's sending me the sign! He can hear me, he's still here!

I had to explain this to my Sweetie, because I hadn't told anyone, just my Dad. 

Since then, there have many times my Dad has answered me, and sent me the sign of the hummingbird.  I'll share more of them in future posts.

In the meantime, I send my Dad, all my love. Happy Father's Day, every day.

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quantum Jumping for a Coke?

Do parallel universes or alternative realities exist?  Can we access them?

Here is my story...

Several years ago, I had the urge for a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola.

As I passed by the local convenient mart, I noticed a big sign that offered two 2 litres of Coca-Cola for $2. (Yes, the good old days. Actually, not that long ago).

Just what I wanted, so I pulled into the parking lot. 

Since I am caffeine free and sugar free, make mine a caffeine free, diet Coke. 
When I got into the store, I headed straight for the sodas, and the shelf was empty.

After looking around for a few minutes, I went up to the cashier and asked if they had any of the caffeine free Diet Coke 2 litres left.

"Sorry, we are all sold out", she said.

As I stood there looking around, I suddenly had the thought, that everything I could possibly want, including a 2 litre bottle of cola, exists, right here, right now.

As I turned to exit the store, standing right beside the counter, was a huge, six foot high display, of nothing but caffeine free, Diet Coke, 2 litres. 

"Oh, you do have it, right here it is!", I exclaimed as I pulled two bottles off the shelf and sat them on the counter.

The cashier, stood there in amazement, and said, "Were those there before? I've been working here all day and I never saw that display standing there. I'm telling you, we are sold out.  We don't have any. I mean, we didn't have any. I can't believe I never noticed that huge display! Was it here before?"
I left the cashier standing there looking puzzled, got into my car and headed home with my two sodas.

I also wondered. Did that display of cola just appear in my reality because I wanted it to? 

As I have read more about parallel universes, alternate realities, and quantum jumping, I now believe I shifted into a reality where what I wanted existed.

Instead of just having the world on a string, we have worlds at our fingertips.

How much fun is that?

Have you ever had an alternate reality experience? 

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

Law of Attraction for your Lucky Life!