Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Start Your Day the Lucky Way!

If you desire to increase the "lucky" experiences and events in your life and live your own version of a lucky life, it is important to start each day feeling good.
The way we start our day can set the tone, mood, or vibration of the entire day.

Here is something I keep beside my bed, and each morning when I wake up, I read it, and since I live by myself, I can read it out loud.  I call it start your day the lucky way.

"Today is a new day.  Today is a lucky new day for me.

Who knows what wonderful, amazing, lucky experiences and events can happen in my life today.

I wonder what lucky opportunities and possibilities are opening up for me today?

Who knows what amazing, delightful, wonderful, and miraculous things and events are happening to me, and for me, today.

Sometimes I think I know what will happen today, but what if, today is the day?

What if today is the turning point in my life?

What if, today turns out better than I could ever imagine?

What if, today truly is a lucky day?

What if, today is the best day of my life so far?  

Do I want that? Am I willing to allow that possibility? Am I willing to receive and have that?

What would that feel like today? Happy and fun? Rich and Prosperous? Vibrant and healthy? Full of energy and enthusiasm? Exciting and thrilling? Rested and refreshed? Joyful and carefree? Safe and secure? Loved, supported, and adored? Easy, peaceful, and serene?

I'm excited just thinking about it.  I am ready to have an amazing, awesome, spectacular, lucky day, today.

I am ready for something wonderful to happen in my life, today.

I invite something amazing and wonderful to happen in my life, today. I invite synchronicity.

I invite miracles to happen in my life, today.

Something wonderful is happening to me and for me, today.  I can feel it. It's unfolding.  It's in the works.  It's on the way to me now.  I feel the vibration of it, the joy of it, the ease of it.

The Universe is opening new doors for me, today.

Something wonderful is happening to me and for me.  I can feel it.

Today is my lucky day.  I am lucky right now.  I am receiving miracles in my life, today.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Universe, for all the amazing, delightful, wonderful, miraculous, lucky, experiences and events, that are happening to me, and for me, today.

I love it!  I love life!  I love my lucky life!  

So it is."

Until next time, here's to your lucky life!

Lucky Lady Kathleen 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!

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