Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Increase Your Luck - Hear what you want to hear.

I talk a lot about imagining and visualizing as ways to manifest your desire, but last night I had a reminder that hearing your desire can also bring it into reality.

You may be aware that I love going to concerts, and I particularly enjoy having great seats.  The closer to the stage the better.  Front and center.

A few months ago I heard that John Prine and Leo Kottke were coming to town and my Sweetie and I thought that would be fun to attend. I kept checking for tickets and nothing really ever came up that looked good, mostly the side sections or balcony tickets.  

I didn't give it much thought and I never really took the time to do any visualizing or scripting about it.  I just kept thinking I would get some tickets.

The day before the show, there didn't appear to be any really good seats available so we sort of decided we may just skip this one until the morning of the show, when a friend of Sweetie's sent him a John Prine CD and he called me up and said we really should go.

So, I get online and looked for tickets.  Not surprisingly, the balcony was the 'best available".  I called the box office and was told if there were any tickets left I could buy them before the show.

Right then, I decided what I wanted was to get some really good seats. I took just a moment to imagine I heard my Sweetie say, "These are awesome seats!" and that felt good. 

When I got to the theater, there was a line waiting to buy tickets. When I asked what was available center stage, on the floor, I was told "nothing, the only tickets available on the floor are on the side sections in the rear, or balcony seats".

I said I would buy the two on the floor, and I could hear Sweetie complaining the view would be terrible, but I tuned that out and heard him say in my imagination, "These are awesome seats!".  

After buying the tickets we decided to go out for a quick bite and as we were waiting on our food, Sweetie pulled up the seating chart on his phone and informed me these were terrible seats.  I didn't let that upset me one iota.

Once again, I just turned within and pretended he just said, "These are awesome seats!".  That felt good.

We got to the theater just before the show was to start and since they had already turned down the lights we handed the usher our tickets and he guided us to our seats.

Imagine my surprise and delight when we were ushered right down front to the 7th row, center stage, on the floor.  As soon as we sat down, Sweetie turned to me and whispered, "These are awesome seats!", and indeed they were.

Know what you want, and hear what you want to hear, no matter what it is you want to manifest.

How about:
  • I love your new car! 
  • Girlfriend, you look like you have lost some weight!
  • Congratulations on your new job!
  • I now pronounce you man and wife!
  • Here's the keys to your new home!
  • You're in perfect health!
  • Congratulations, you're the winner!
Whatever you desire, increase your luck in deliberately manifesting it by hearing what you would hear, and feeling how good that would feel, as if it were already yours. 

Until next time, here's to your lucky life!

Lucky Lady Kathleen 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!

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