Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easy Money $$$

I don't know about you, but I love making easy money.  Money that is above what I "expected" to make.  Money that doesn't seem to take any effort.  I love easy money.  If you have read my "Increase My Money Vibration Activation" you know I love easy money.

Here is one of my latest easy money success stories and I thought I would share it with you. 

One day last week I caught myself feeling a little negative toward my money situation at that moment, so I decided to take a five minute break to walk to the post office and mail out a customer's order.

As I headed around the corner I asked myself, Just what am I thinking here? My inner reply was that making extra money seems hard.  

At that moment, I looked down and there was a penny.  I love finding pennies and when I picked it up I practiced a new affirmation, "Easy Money is on the way!"  

This immediately shifted my vibration from the unwanted thought of "making extra money seems hard" because here was proof, I just found a penny, and that was easy.

Just then, I look over and there was another penny. Extra confirmation from the Universe that Easy Money is definitely on the way! 

Smiling, I continued about my day.  Every time I had a thought about money, I remembered that Easy Money was on the way and I just had to smile.

Four days later, I had someone out of the blue, offer to sell me an item. I bought it, then sold it within thirty minutes and made $180.  Now that's what I call Easy Money.  I love it! 

After writing this article, I headed home from my shop but stopped to get my lottery ticket and check my ticket from last week and I had won $266! 

Won $266 March 12, 2015
Wow! How's that for Easy Money? 

When I got home and looked at my winning ticket, I realized I had won $250 on the same Cash25 lottery on the exact same day three years ago!

Won $250 March 12, 2012
I love synchronicity, I love winning, and I love easy money. 
Keep activating your easy money vibration. 

Here's to your Lucky Life and Easy Money!

Lucky Lady Kathleen

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!

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Cassie said...

Kathleen I love all your easy money! Thank you for sharing! Everyone will benefit from seeing how easy money can be.