Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Can we Revise for Others?

“If you really believe me you will not pass anyone without doing something to lift his burden. Taking up his cross, you will represent him to yourself as you would like to see him; and to the degree that you are self-persuaded, he will become it, even though he may never know what you did.”
Neville Goddard

 Neville believed we could revise for others.

It does sound kind of woo woo and hokey, and believing we can change things for someone else sounds like a contradiction to our belief that we create our own reality.  That we are the power in our world.

But, what if, as Neville says, "everyone is yourself pushed out, so when you imagine, you are influencing yourself"?

Then it doesn't matter whether we are imagining for ourselves, or for someone else, it is still ourselves that we are influencing.

I love Neville's revision technique and have been using it regularly, and I've written previously about a few of my results. 

Increase Your Luck with Revision, Does Revision Work?Do You Hear What I Hear?

I personally like the thought that my imaginal acts can influence another, and a few months ago I had an opportunity to give revising for another a try.

A few months back my daughter was in the process of selling her home and buying a new one.  The plan was to close on her old house, and sign the papers on her new one within a day or so. 

Everything was going according to plan, her house sold, and then suddenly the closing on her new house was delayed. Because of the delay, she had to find somewhere to stay, the movers were booked up and couldn't be rescheduled, and nowhere to put her belongings.

Thankfully, the guy at the mortgage company said he'd take care of it, at his expense, and hired some movers that came, loaded up her stuff and stored it until she could move into her new home. So, it all worked out.

Then suddenly, a few months later, my daughter called me, totally upset, telling me the moving company called, demanding payment immediately and threatening to sue.  Seems the guy who had promised to take care of it, had changed his mind when he saw the bill and had refused to pay.

After several days of angry calls between all parties involved, I decided to try revision

I decided to go straight to the end result, and instead of hearing my daughter say, "he's still refusing to pay", I imagined instead, hearing her say, "He paid the bill!!!".

So, every time the subject came up, I just kept imagining I was hearing what I wanted to hear. "He paid the bill!"

Suddenly, a week or so later, I was walking down the street when I received a text message from my daughter that said, "He paid the bill!!!" Exactly as I had imagined. 

Do I believe we can we revise for others? Yes.

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