Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quantum Jumping for a Coke?

Do parallel universes or alternative realities exist?  Can we access them?

Here is my story...

Several years ago, I had the urge for a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola.

As I passed by the local convenient mart, I noticed a big sign that offered two 2 litres of Coca-Cola for $2. (Yes, the good old days. Actually, not that long ago).

Just what I wanted, so I pulled into the parking lot. 

Since I am caffeine free and sugar free, make mine a caffeine free, diet Coke. 
When I got into the store, I headed straight for the sodas, and the shelf was empty.

After looking around for a few minutes, I went up to the cashier and asked if they had any of the caffeine free Diet Coke 2 litres left.

"Sorry, we are all sold out", she said.

As I stood there looking around, I suddenly had the thought, that everything I could possibly want, including a 2 litre bottle of cola, exists, right here, right now.

As I turned to exit the store, standing right beside the counter, was a huge, six foot high display, of nothing but caffeine free, Diet Coke, 2 litres. 

"Oh, you do have it, right here it is!", I exclaimed as I pulled two bottles off the shelf and sat them on the counter.

The cashier, stood there in amazement, and said, "Were those there before? I've been working here all day and I never saw that display standing there. I'm telling you, we are sold out.  We don't have any. I mean, we didn't have any. I can't believe I never noticed that huge display! Was it here before?"
I left the cashier standing there looking puzzled, got into my car and headed home with my two sodas.

I also wondered. Did that display of cola just appear in my reality because I wanted it to? 

As I have read more about parallel universes, alternate realities, and quantum jumping, I now believe I shifted into a reality where what I wanted existed.

Instead of just having the world on a string, we have worlds at our fingertips.

How much fun is that?

Have you ever had an alternate reality experience? 

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

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Anonymous said...

cool story Kathleen, I enjoy your blog!!
this happened to me once when I was feeling very good while paying my credit card at the ATM . At first I deposited 40 I think, then when opening the wallet to put my card back, found another 10! Was very surprised, I did not see it there before..so deposited that too. Again, opened the wallet to put the card back, and this time found 5!!!

Lucky Lady said...

I love it when extra money shows up. Happy to hear you enjoy the blog.