Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FREE Willie!!!

Have I mentioned that I love going to concerts?

Have I  mentioned that I love Willie Nelson? Yes, it's true.  I do indeed love going to concerts and I have been to several Willie Nelson concerts, and I have loved every one.  
Willie Nelson signing an album for my Sweetie.

So when I saw the announcement in the paper a few months ago, that Willie would be playing in my hometown, I immediately declared to my Sweetie, I want to go and I would love to get some free tickets. His reply was, "Sounds good to me, let's go."  

Right then and there, I set my intention to go see Willie Nelson.  I also wanted it to be easily affordable, or free.

As the weeks went by, I heard of a couple radio stations giving away tickets but getting up every morning at 6:20 am, did not feel like inspired action to me.  So I just kind of let it go.  Every now and then, I would see ads for the show, and as the day of the concert drew nearer I looked up the tickets, and the prices, but it wasn't really in my budget to spend $180 on tickets.

Each morning I set my intentions for the day, and how I would love for it to go, and the morning of the Willie Nelson concert was no different.  I thought about how much I would enjoy going, and how I would love for it to be easy to get some good seats, and that I would  love for it to be free.  

Later that afternoon, my Sweetie texted me to ask if we were going to go see Willie.  I thought about it for a moment, knowing I really wanted to go, but really didn't have the extra money, then I decided to go anyway, basing my decision on doing what feels good, and going to see Willie, felt good to me.

So I told my Sweetie to come pick me up and we would go to the box office and see what kind of tickets we could get.  Who knows, all things are possible.

We arrived at the venue about 15 minutes before showtime and easily found a free parking space less than half a block away, right on the street.  Wow, that was miracle, in itself.

There were three lines of people buying tickets at the box office, so we got in one, and I have to admit, as I stood there, in line, with less than ten minutes to showtime, it occurred to me the good seats could all be sold out.  I immediately replaced that thought with one that felt better.  I just got a great parking space, for free, it's possible I can get a great seat.

When we stepped up to the window, I asked the cashier were there any tickets left on the floor.  She pointed out the section and said they were $80 each.  (at least we would save $20 in fees, buying them at the window)

As I began to reach into my purse, the cashier looked at us, then got up, walked across the room, and when she came back to the window, she slid two tickets under the glass and said, "Here are two tickets, they are on the floor, and they are FREE.  A man left them earlier and said to give them to someone."

Showing off my FREE Willie tickets.

We were totally thrilled and excited!  

What's better than going to a great Willie Nelson concert?

A great FREE Willie Nelson concert!  Totally sponsored by the Universe!!!

Thank you Universe!  I love it!  FREE Willie!

Love and Luck, 

Lucky Lady

Willie Nelson in my Sweetie's record room.



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