Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just How BIG is My But?

Umm, hopefully, not that big?

Yes, I know what you're thinking, how big are my buttocks, gluteus maximus, backside, or in other words, behind.

What I am actually asking is.

How big is my BUT? My mental BUT.

Whenever there is something we desire and we don't already have it, it usually means there is a big BUT involved and I don't mean the one you or I sit on.  I mean the mental BUTs. All the "reasons" we don't have it, or can't get it.

Usually it is very easy for me to see someone else's big BUTS because just like our physical butt is out of our view most of the time, unless there is a mirror around, so too, are our mental BUTs. 

I recently heard myself saying "I would love to take a road trip to Texas BUT...".
  • I can't be away from my business that long
  • My car's transmission is acting up
  • I don't want to leave my house vacant
  • I don't have the money
Uh oh, in my mind those are some pretty big BUTs so it looks like I can't go to Texas.

As I began to really examine my BUTs, I realized BUT's can be "legitimate reasons" for our lack of whatever it is we desire.  

I say legitimate reasons because what appears to be a legitimate reason, is really just a fact, and facts can change, and very often do once we align vibrationally with our desire. 

BUTs can also be hidden fears and or negative beliefs. In my case, my fears of being away from my home or business too long. Fears and negative beliefs, also keep us out of vibrational alignment with our desires.

So I began to examine each BUT in detail and I realized when I have a big BUT standing in my way, the real reason I am not rocking down the highway, or have whatever else it is I desire, is because I have forgotten my power as the deliberate creator of my life, and have not vibrationally aligned with my desire.

Yes it's possible I could sell my business, get a friend to house sit, get my transmission fixed, or win the money.

BUT, all I really need to do is.

Remember my power as a deliberate creator. 

Vibrationally align with my desire. How?
  • Know what I want and if I really want it.
  • Know why I want it.
  • Know how I want it to feel.

Once I "know" what I truly desire I can use various tools and processes to vibrationally align with the desired outcome, and leave all the hows, the facts, and the big BUTs, to the Universe and allow the Universe to deliver it.

Just subscribed to Texas Highways Magazine so I can start visualizing my trip.

If you would love some help getting your BUTs out of the way, that's what Law of Attraction transformational coaching is all about.

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

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