Tuesday, April 29, 2014

California Dreaming...Does anyone really win sweepstakes?

Does anyone really win sweepstakes? Yes, they really do! 

I am one of the lucky grand prize winners and here is how it all started for me.

Early one morning in 2006 as I was getting some new tires put on my car, I sat in the waiting room glancing through a magazine, when an article about a lady that had won a lot of sweepstakes caught my eye.  My first thought was, does anyone really win those things?

The article talked about a lady that called herself the "Contest Queen" that had won lots of great prizes like a shopping spree, a new automobile, and lots of great trips.  Sounded interesting, so I ordered a copy of her book and read it.  

I was so inspired, that I decided to subscribe to a sweepstakes newsletter.

When my newsletter arrived I was amazed at all the wonderful prizes being given away.  

I immediately set my goal to win a trip to California.  I have always wanted to go to California. 

A caricature I drew.
I immediately started entering sweepstakes every week and it wasn't long before I was winning smaller prizes like gift cards, running shoes, t-shirts, etc. 

I continued entering each week and finally, it happened!  Just two days before my birthday, on July 9th, 2009, a FedEx envelope arrived.  My entry had been chosen as a Grand Prize Winner! 

It was the Smucker's Stars On Ice Sweepstakes and I could choose a trip to any city on the tour, and take up to five people with me.


I chose to go to Los Angeles.  Woo hoo!  California, here we come!

Smucker's put us up in the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. My daughter and I have always been ice skating fans, and we were so excited to meet Olympic Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek.

At the Griffith Observatory with the famous Hollywood sign in the background.
We all loved California so much that we didn't want to leave.  In fact, we all decided we wanted to live there.  

 “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In August 2012, my daughter actually realized that goal. You can read her story here.  California Move

It's always amazing to me, how one decision, one small action, leads to another, and another, and can eventually lead to huge change.

Back then I was new to the law of attraction and didn't really know how to vibrationally align with my goals.  

It was three years from the time I set my goal to win a trip to California, until I won.  It only took me three months when I won the trip to Las Vegas.

There is a three step process for manifesting I've learned, and it is:
  • Intention (set the intention for what you want)
  • Attention (give the goal focused attention)
  • No tension (let it go, feel as good now as if you already had it, trust the Universe to bring it about)
I was really good at the first two steps, the third step,  "no tension" is where my manifestation got held up, but as you can see in my second win, I am learning.

Are you ready to manifest your goals? As your coach, I can assist and support you in setting your Intention, giving it Attention, then focusing on No tension, and finding ways to feel good now.

Have you ever used this process?  What did you manifest? Share your manifestation in the comments below.

Until next time,
Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

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