Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is there Hidden Treasure under your clutter?

Everywhere I turn these days I seem to have more stuff.  How about you?

For some reason, I always put off decluttering, but it seems like every time I do it, I find hidden treasure.

I wrote an article a few months back titled, Can decluttering increase your luck?,
where I reported finding money ($160. to be exact), when I took inspired action and did some decluttering.

Last week at my shop, I once again felt inspired to organize a box of books a stranger had given me for free. He literaly begged me to take them, said he was moving out of town and was just going to throw them away if I didn't.
It's been busy lately and I just hadn't had time to go through them so after tripping over them for several months now, I suddenly felt inspired to organize them.  At the bottom of the box was a hidden treasure, a really neat vintage 10K gold and sterling silver ring.

It reminded me of an experience I had a long time ago, before I knew anything about the Law of Attraction.  

I had a vintage ring my father had given me that I absolutely loved. It was engraved with my initials and I always wore it.  One day I looked down and it wasn't on my finger.

I searched everywhere for it and couldn't find it.  For several years, I cried over this ring.  I even tried to find another one like it but never could.

I would "imagine" myself finding that ring and once again looking down and seeing it on my finger.

Then one day, I decided to clean and declutter my bedroom, and when I moved my dresser, there was my ring. It had been right there, all those years.

It actually inspired me to do more decluttering.  I wonder, how many more hidden treasures will I find?

Even if I don't find any more hidden treasures, it always makes me feel lighter and happier. It clears the stagnant energy and makes room for the Universe to bring me something new, in other words, it increases my luck.

Here's to your lucky life!

Lucky Lady Kathleen

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life! 



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