Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Increase Your Luck by Finding the Good

If you are looking to increase your luck in money, health, relationships, or your overall feelings of happiness, here's a secret that works.

Look for the good.

We find what we are looking for and a sure fire way to increase your "luck" is to make a habit of finding the good in everything.

In every situation, every experience, there is something that is good, something that is valuable, or something that could be beneficial.

As children, a lot of us were taught to notice everything that was wrong and we learned to view the world through that perspective.

So whatever we are experiencing, we automatically notice what's wrong, we focus on what's wrong, we comment and complain about what's wrong, and focusing on what is wrong, the negative, our "bad luck", will only make us feel bad and just continue to create more of that.

Is that what you want? Not me! I prefer feeling good, feeling lucky.

Here's the good news. You can change it. Yes, you can. You can train yourself to find the good in everything. 

And when we find the good, it shifts us out of the resistance to what is, into a better feeling place. A place of gratitude, hope, happiness and feeling blessed, which I call feeling lucky.

I believe something good can come from every experience and every situation, but you have to look for it and you have to be open to finding it.

Take relationships, if you are constantly noticing what's wrong with your partner, it won't be long before you don't have a partner. Not lucky.

Look for the good.  Make a list of the good qualities, the things you are thankful for, what's going right. Before long, you'll notice even more.

Having a health issue?  Focus your thoughts on how wonderful it is that your body knows how to heal itself. How many times day in and day out, it has healed. Praise what's good about your body and health. Is your heart beating? Your lungs breathing? Can you see? Hear? Walk? Talk? There is always something good to focus on.  Find the good.

Are you worried about having enough money?  Paying the bills? Think about all the money you've received so far this year? How many bills you have been able to pay, how many things you have been able to buy, how much you have been able to give, or share. Find the good.

Find the good in everything.  Is it raining? Be thankful, it could be sleet, ice, or snow. 

When something seems to be really going "wrong", stop and ask yourself, "what good can possibly come from this? What good do I want to come from this?"

You can choose what you would like to see happen, and it can.

A few months back, the credit card terminal at my shop got fried.  It was a stressful situation.  The processing company I was with refused to reprogram my terminal and wanted $1300. for a new one. 

I run a retail shop and being able to accept debit and credit cards is pretty crucial to the cash flow.  I'll admit my first response was panic and fear but then I remembered to ask, what good can come from this? What would I like to see happen?

I scripted what I wanted right then and there.  I wanted a new terminal that was free.  I wanted a processing company with great customer service, my deposits the next business day, lower processing fees. 

It took ten days, but I got exactly what I wanted and it's so much better than it was before my terminal got fried.

Look for the good, you'll find it, and before you know it, your friends will be asking, "what's your secret, how come you are always so lucky?"

Until next time.  Increase your luck by looking for the good.

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady 

It's Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life!

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