Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whatever you want, give it away.

Is there something in your life that you want? 

Well here's my lucky secret for having it. Give it away. 

How can you give away something you want but feel you don't have? You can't.

In other words, I believe you can't give away, what you don't own. 

Totally confused? Hear me out.

I believe that if we can give to someone else, the very thing we want, we own it.  It's ours.  

After all, how can you give away anything if you don't already own it?

I know it sounds confusing and contradictory but think about it.  

Let's talk money, for an example, it's the easiest.

I believe this is the reason that the tithing principle works so well for people who want money and prosperity.  When they can start giving money away, whether it be 10%, (as in tithing), 5%, 1%, or even $1. a day, a week, or every month, it begins activating their vibration of having money.  They begin to realize, no matter how small their income or flow is, they have money coming in.  As the money comes in, they give, or flow back out, whatever percentage makes them feel prosperous.  As they regularly activate this feeling of prosperity, they suddenly find themselves receiving more.  

I call it "priming the pump".

In the early days before indoor plumbing, most people had a water pump that pumped up the water from their well. In order to get the flow going, they had to save a certain amount of water to put in the top of the pump in order to create a vacuum to draw more water up from the well. If you didn't put water in, you didn't get any out.

If you can give it away, you already have it. 
I believe the reason this works is because we are noticing that we own it, in some way, big or small, we can acknowledge that we already have it, it is ours to have or to give, and the more we acknowledge and be thankful for what we do have, that trusty law of attraction keeps giving us more of what we are focusing on and the feelings we are vibrating.

I believe this works in any area of life, health, wealth, happiness or love.  

Take stock of where you already own it, appreciate what you do have, be thankful for it, and then start sharing it, start giving some of that away.

I believe you will soon find, you have even more to give. It's yours! You own it!

Love and Luck,
Lucky Lady

Law of Attraction for Your Lucky Life! 


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