Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Fast Can the Universe Deliver?

There is a national sandwich chain that claims their delivery is Freaky Fast. 
I won't name any names here but I'm sure you know to whom I am referring, and yes, I have tried them, and yes, they delivered my sub pretty Freaky Fast!  8 whole minutes after I hit the place order button on my laptop, I was sitting at my desk unwrapping my freshly made sandwich in amazement. That's Freaky Fast if you ask me!

Now I am asking, how fast can the UNIVERSE deliver?

A few weeks ago, my Sweetie and I were having an evening out shopping, not something we do very often, but we had a list of things we needed to buy, so after work we headed out, and we were on our last stop, which was Target.  After finding what we came for, we stopped to browse in the DVD section. 

My Sweetie and I enjoy watching movies, especially ones that make us laugh.

While browsing, I noticed a movie that had several actors we really like, and a pretty well known director, so I asked my Sweetie if he had seen it, or heard of it.  He said, "no, he hadn't", but we both agreed it looked like it might be fun to watch.   

Seeing as we had already spent all the moolah we had intended to spend for the evening and the DVD cost $15, I wondered if perhaps our local library might have a copy. So I asked my Sweetie, "Why don't you go to the library tomorrow and see if they have it? That way, we can just check it out and watch it for free."  He said, "OK, write down the title." (It was already late in the evening and the library was closed for the day).

So I get out my phone, look it up on Amazon, and bookmark it, so I can remember the title.

We go on about our shopping, checkout, and then head home.  He drops me off at my house and about ten minutes later I get a text message from him that says,  "I am totally freaked out!"

Fearing the worst, I call him up and ask "OMG, what's wrong?"

When he had arrived home, in his mailbox was a letter from the library notifying him that his DVD was on hold for him and was available for him to pick up. The very DVD we had just looked at, and hadn't even known existed before going into Target.

He was so freaked out that he said, "How did they put it on hold?  I never knew this movie existed?  I never called there or went there, this just came in my mail! I am definitely going there tomorrow to find out how this happened!"

I just laughed and answered, "I love it!  I know exactly how it happened, we asked, and the Universe delivered!"

I don't know about you, but that's the way I like my desires to manifest, FREAKY FAST.

Sometimes it seems like the Universe takes forever, so why did this manifest so fast?

Here's my thoughts on the matter.

  • First of all, we just had a clear desire to see it.  We figured it would be fun and make us laugh. (We knew what we wanted and why we wanted it.)

  • We focused a little attention on it.  (I'd say about three minutes worth, Abraham suggests 68 seconds)

  • We decided and intended to see it.

  • We decided on our inspired action step to take. (Check at the library the next morning to see if they had it)

  • Then, we just let it go and went on about our shopping, trusting and believing we would, never giving it another thought. (We turned it over to the Universe without even realizing it)

So how fast can the Universe deliver? I call that Freaky Fast!

Until next time,

Lucky Lady

How fast has something manifested for you?  Comment below.

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