Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Expect it!

"People become what they expect themselves to become."   Mahatma Gandhi

Wow!  What a powerful statement.  What am I expecting to become?  What are you expecting to become?
Think about it.  Do you expect to have headaches, allergies, aches and pains? Do you expect to go broke, barely get by, or lose your job? Just what are you expecting?

We hold so many powerful beliefs which are creating our reality.  Beliefs that may actually be untrue but because we believe them, they become true for us.  For instance, you may believe that as you get older you can expect to need glasses.  Why? Did your parents tell you that?  Did you read that somewhere?  Well, for millions of people that simply is untrue.  You can live your whole life with perfect vision.

So what are you believing and expecting about yourself?  Be careful, because that is what you get.

Why not expect great things? Expect to get the job.  Expect to get the perfect mate.  Expect to feel wonderful! Expect to be Lucky! Expect miracles!  Miracle happen every day. Why not you?

Lucky Lady

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