Friday, August 5, 2011

Prepare to Receive!

How many times do you wish and want for something but don't really expect to get it? 

If you are like most people the answer is every day.

Today is your lucky day!  I am going to share one of my lucky secrets with you.  Are you ready?
It's really very simple...


I have a client (his name is Rob), who had to move in a hurry last year because his apartment building was sold and he was given thirty days notice.  Not much time to find an apartment and in his case even harder since Rob is in a wheelchair and doesn't drive.  So Rob took an apartment across the street but wasn't happy with it.  So all year he has complained about his small apartment, looking out his window at a brick wall, etc.

He began looking at other apartments and started saving money toward moving each month.  He even took a class on buying and owning your own home just in case he found one he could buy.  He was feeling a little discouraged because it's been almost a year.

Three weeks ago Rob rolls in and tells me he will be a little late coming by the next morning because he's going to look at yet another apartment.  The next day he shows up totally excited.  He had found an apartment he really loved, had all the room he wanted, in a great location. He said that even though rent was a bit higher than before he could swing it and he asked the landlord if he could rent it. The landlord said he would consider his application and let him know in a few weeks. Then Rob said, "I want this apartment!  I am going home to pack! Do you have any empty boxes?" and I gave him all my empty boxes.

It's now three weeks later and guess what?  He's already moved in and enjoying his new place.


First, know what you want. (Rob wanted a new apartment)

Take action. (Rob went out all year looking at apartments, saved money each month for the move, etc.)

Ask. (Rob asked for his apartment)

Prepare to Receive. (Rob went home and packed as if it were a done deal!)

So what have you been wanting? Today can be your lucky day!

Lucky Lady


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I want to move!!!!

A Life Un-Styled said...

I love this post, this is so true Lucky Lady! I want a baby! ;)

Nicole said...

What a story! I am totally the opposite, I would have moped until I got the call! I want to move too! Go Rob. =D